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Perfectly integrated processes. Excellent collaboration between teams. A smooth flow of information and data. This is the digitalized world of tomorrow. We support companies on their journey there.
As digital transformation redefines the future of employment, cross-functional teamwork becomes more important than ever. Employees must maintain balance across diverse roles and tasks, collaborate seamlessly with internal and external stakeholders, and stay on top of important milestones. However, organizations rely on disjointed tools, emails, and spreadsheets, which creates functional silos and makes decision making difficult. This is where comes in. A flexible work operating system, where teams plan, execute and track their projects, processes, and daily work, without scheduling, with ease.
Content planning
Campaign tracking
Event management
Agency coordination
Lead management and analysis
Opportunity management
Customer information through CRM
Strategy definition
Task planning
Team work management
Workload mangement
Process management
Request management
Case management
Status tracking
Improve collaboration across teams, departments, geographies, hierarchies, and tools with one digital workspace for all processes.
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Ensure a clear line of sight to your company's goals and metrics. Be confident that the organization's standards are always met.
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Quickly track progress and make confident decisions with easily actionable views. Focus on the big picture with overviews and high-level, real-time project information.
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Easily create automations to eliminate routine work and reduce human error in repetitive tasks.
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Integrate with tools you already use and bring all your data together on a single platform. With over 50 native integrations, you can centralize all your tools and team data in one accessible place.
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We Provide Value
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Individual approach
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.

    Our strength is in proven project management based on agile methodology; integration services and optimized workflows implementation. We listen to our customers and help them discover the most effective ways to realize their growth potential aligning business goals and robust information technologies.
  • Implementation
    Our certified solutions consultants seek to identify your pain points and recommend solutions that are fit for purpose.
    We start building using pre-build solutions that accelerate your implementation and provide good economics.
    Our unique Co-build approach empowers your team to learn and adopt along side our experts.
    Our team has a hands-on experience in different industries, which we are happy to share with our customers to bring more value in our projects.
  • Integration
    As a specialist offering the best integrations for, we deliver quick solutions, with real-time data access and no downtime. No matter how heterogeneous the tech stack or how complex the business process is– our consultants ensure that integrations enable automated workflows between desired data sources while keeping logic, conditions of routing, and data formatting as is. The result – less app toggling, faster team responses, efficient self-service, and lower manual intervention, leading to enhanced team collaboration.
What our clients say about us
Jose Rocca
Our engagement of Metamins' guys to re-implement have completely changed our perception of how that solution could improve our business. They made a great job for us: lots of useful automations and notifications, integrations with Gmail/Outlook and QuickBooks, analytical dashboard with informative graphs providing all necessary insights to our leadership for on time decision-making. We've significantly reduced the amount of manual work and forgot all the pains resulting from human errors. Now it's a tool that we can't imagine our work without it.
Katrin Liesch
Project coordinator
For the Good Life Child Project, we had planned to digitize all of our workflows that keep the child sponsorship project alive: The database of children, the database of sponsors, the entire process of adopting a child, from filling out paperwork to sending a welcome package and regular updates - all of this we had to do manually.
On one side, we work with Planning Center for our website, forms and databases. On the other hand, we use Monday/com for the internal organization of the team and tasks.
We have failed in linking these two software on our own. This has hindered our project to reach the next level. Because that's exactly what we really needed to keep the project growing successfully and healthily. If not Metamins with their great expertise in monday and integrations we would never get to the next level. Thanks to their dedicated team we've got a fully integrated solution and discovered a lot of useful features that make our work more effective and enjoyable.

Khaled Miari
Senior Growth Manager
At a certain point of our company's growth we've invested in to orchestrate and streamline our business processes from leads generation to deals closing, provide a wide range of reminders, automations and notifications, build informative, regular and automatically generated reports in the dimensions of Leads, Accounts and Deals. To ensure "one source of truth" we wanted to get integrated with Gmail, SalesForce and MailChimp. Behind all these amazing features we had an extremely talented Metamins Professional Services team ready to help us with any question and challenge we have encountered.
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